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New Envelopes & Cards March 31, 2011

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Do you love King Kong?? Then you will love this set of cards, these are the coolest envelopes and blank cards. These envelopes are 5 1/4 X 7 1/4.

We believe in reusing and recycling as many items as we can The note cards are blank and made with recycled card stock found at the thrift store and envelopes. The front of the envelopes have the real pictures from the King Kong books. The cards are made with the story pages and look so great with stars in them.


Directions on how to make your own envelopes and cards:

Supplies Needed:

Paper cropping/ cutting divice, card stock (I love to find mine at the thrift store), old book glue stick, scissors (I used the triangle design for this project), envelopes


1.  Get your old book.  I use old books to create purses so I love that I found a way to use the inside pages also.  Carefully cut or tear the pages out of the pictures you like.  If you use an xacto knife make sure you don’t cut yourself and always cut away from yourself.  Oh and make sure you don’t let kids use the knife also 🙂

2.  Use any crafty type design scissors you have to cut the image out and give it a little character.  I used the triangle ones on the King Kong envelope.  Something about King Kong being as big as the Pyramid inspired me in my funny craft making state of mind.

3. Put the pictures on the blank envelopes and use a glue stick to add them to the front.  I have also seen were people add the pictures to the inside of the envelopes and they look really cute also.

4. To create your note cards cut the cardstock with a cropper so the note cards are all the same or buy the envelopes that come with their own blank cards.  I have had great luck finding envelopes on sites like craigs list.  People are getting rid of extra envelopes from wedding, graduations etc…  I love the price and that I am reusing them instead of them ending up in the landfill.  Make sure the cards you make are the same as the book pages you will hole punch in the next step.

5. If your cropper/ cutter device has an attachment to score the paper, then you should use that for the middle of the cards to give it a more professional look when you fold it.  If it does not then holding it in half works also.

6.  Take your  hole puncher (pick a fun design) and punch around the outside of the book pages so you create a fun design.  I used the stars for the King Kong envelopes since he knocked the bad guys up to the stars or I guess you could say he had stars in this eyes for his favorite leading lady.

7.  Paste the pages to the outside of the cards with a glue stick. 

8. Have fun writing notes and looking super cool with your friends.


One Response to “New Envelopes & Cards”

  1. Lance Howerton Says:

    I love King Kong. These are the coolest cards.

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