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New question for glass bottles…. April 13, 2011

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Here is a question that I was recently asked (feel free to add suggestions to it):

Diana Grayson Baxter April 7 at 6:33pm
Hey, Steph! Heard of any good ways to re-use old liquor bottles? We have quite a stash that I’ve been holding on to, to recycle them. But wondered if there were some clever ways to make something out of them instead? Ya know, ’cause some of the shapes and sizes are pretty neat! 🙂 Let me know…
Here are a few ideas, you can try:
1. If you have a kiln or know someone who does then you can create the coolest flat bottles. I really want to try this one but have not yet.  You can YouTube this and get good directions. 
2. You can go to a craft store like Michaela and buy corks. Then you can create cooking oils, message oils, bath salts ect…in them.
3. You can Mod Podge cool pictures on them that match a theme in your house or your friend’s house for a present.
4. My Mom just brought me a box of mini bottles (they are very old and kinda cool looking) and I think I am going to turn those into lights.  By putting little christmas lights inside them and using electrical tape on the outside of them. I hope that it is safe but I think so with the lights and glass?? I want to hang them around the bar but we will see if my husband vetoes it or not.
That is all that I think of off the top of my head. I hope that helps you out.

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