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Mermaid & Turtle Interview and Giveaway May 5, 2011

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One of my favorite local companies is Mermaid & Turtle.  Here is an interview with them and a way to win one of theirs and our favorite products “Bee Kissable Lip Balm”.
Q: Tell us a little bit about your business?
A:  Mermaid & Turtle originally came about as a clever way to label and package the homemade gifts we created for ourselves and our family and friends. We love hand-made gifts best because the most important thing we can give those we love is our time. We care about leaving behind a healthier environment and good information about how to care for it, so we get great satisfaction through creating products that reflect sound eco-sense. We were greatly complimented over and over when people would tell us that we should be making our jewelry, bath and household products professionally, for boutiques and local gift shops. And it’s been a fun and successful venture – it seems we aren’t the only ones who appreciate well-made products created locally and responsibly.
Q: How did you ladies come up with such a great name?
A: Our business name is comprised of a symbol that represents each of us and helps us to remember to be both playful and principled. Lisa is a “water baby” – she’s always loved the sea and swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans. She is a deep thinker and feels things deeply, so has always felt a kinship with the concept of the mermaid. Cheyenne has felt a strong attachment to turtles and tortoises since she was a teenager, after learning indigenous wisdom that turtle teaches us how to mother ourselves and our planet – because everywhere you go, there you are! You are your ultimate home, so you’d better make sure you surround yourself with healthy people and a healthy lifestyle. As water covers our planet and connects all things, these two water creatures help us to remember to produce products and services that help people to express their lives in thoughtful, gentle, creative ways.
Q: Why do you feel it is important to create items that are kind to the earth? A:Anything we do in life, we must do sustainably – or by definition we are setting ourselves up to fail. We discovered a lot of our product blends because we wanted to be using Earth- and health-friendly products with reusable or recycleable and safe packaging. We refer to our jewelry as “nature-inspired” because we design adornments that reflect the beauty and infinite creativity of the natural world. If we don’t choose responsibly-harvested materials and safe packaging options, we aren’t setting our business up to be something the planet can sustain. And we feel good about telling people exactly what’s in our products. For customers local to us, we invite them to write their name on their empty containers and get them back to us for refills – reducing the need for more new packaging.

Q:What is your favorite product and why?

A: Our favorite product has got to be our Bee Kissable Lip Balm, though our new Stick It To Odor Deodorant is a close second!

Thank you ladies for letting us learn some more about you.  There is  a give-away for Bee Kissable Lip Balm. If you leave a comment on our blog then your name goes into the prize drawing with OCE. If you “like” their Mermaid & Turtle Facebook page, then you are entered  a second time. Two chances to win!


6 Responses to “Mermaid & Turtle Interview and Giveaway”

  1. creamy charbonneau Says:

    I ❤ the lip balm!!!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderfully educational blog. Never knew all the things vinegar was good for; and it was good learning about the Mermaid and Turtle company; It sounds just like Lisa and Cheyenne. Will be looking forward to trying their natural products.

  3. shaunna goldberry Says:

    I love the Mermaid & Turtle products that I have tried. I especially enjoy the elegant and minimal packaging. With the talented ethnobotanist insights of Chey, and Lisa’s artistic gifts, the products are an RAVE!

  4. La Db Says:

    WOW I love them already. hopefully I win so I can try them ❤

  5. La Db Says:

    I liked the fan page as personal La Db & fan page L and D Design

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