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Centerpieces & Decoupaging with Lace May 17, 2011

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With the month of June coming up and Wedding Bells in the air I thought you might enjoy learning of an amazing way to create some beautiful centerpieces.

These are so pretty and would really just be all around amazing pieces for your house also.

This is a wonderful tutorial from Urban Comfort.  They can be found at: http://urbancomfort.typepad.com/urban_nest/

Decoupaging with Lace


Once in awhile I’ll come up with a project that I get a little obsessed with and can’t stop making. This decoupaged lace container that I made for Better Homes and Gardens was one of those projects. It all started with my love of textured pottery, but as I’ve been embracing my more feminine side lately, I was drawn to using lace as well. Admittedly, I wasn’t even sure it would work. But not only did it work, it was one of the fastest and easiest projects I’ve ever undertaken.

I started with white containers, cut a strip of eyelet lace wide enough to cover it, applied a layer of Mod Podge in matte finish, and wrapped the eyelet band around the container.  I let it dry, trimmed the edges with sharp fabric scissors, then dabbed on another layer of Mod Podge (matte finish) with a foam brush and let it dry thoroughly. That’s it! A single coat of Mod Podge over the fabric lifts the weave a bit and gives it a rough, textured feel and look that’s not too rubbery. (In fact, I tried two coats and didn’t like the look nearly as much).

Since then, I’ve moved on to different shapes and tried my hand at tapered containers (Cutting small slits around the bottom edge of the fabric helps when you’re dealing with a tapered shape. You can then carefully overlap those cut edges without making much difference in the look of your lace). I’ve also started working with flat objects (to be used as trays) and introduced containers in different colors. Mostly I’m using cotton eyelet fabrics, but I’ve found that lace trim works as a nice embellishment as well.

I think there are a lot of possibilities here. Eventually I think I’ll branch out and try eyelet lace over bright, modern colors (red, yellow, turquoise) and I’d love to create a grouping for a table (wouldn’t these make great centerpieces for a bridal shower or casual wedding?). They’re so easy to make – I hope you’ll try them!

Lace 1
I decoupaged this deep bowl with a piece of embroidered cotton. Because the cotton fabric was tissue thin, the overlapping areas on the bottom are almost invisible.

Lace 2
Containers can feel modern or more romantic, depending on the lace you choose and the shape of the container.

Lace 3
Lace trims work just as well as fabrics. I don’t apply Mod Podge to the entire container – I brush it onto the area that I’m applying the trim. Q-tips are good for cleaning up excess Mod Podge around the edges.

Last last
Decoupage lace onto the surface of plates or trays to make decorative catchalls.
Resources:  I’ve been finding lots of cotton eyelet fabrics on Etsy, along with lace trims available in small amounts.

Title photo by Rob Brinson for BHG


One Response to “Centerpieces & Decoupaging with Lace”

  1. Eska Says:

    These are very cute and refreshing. They look perfect for spring and summer occasions.

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