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Global Warning Ideas.. June 6, 2011

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This is great book “The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook” by David Rothschild.


Here are 10 Easy Steps to Help:

1. Adjust your climate by 2 degrees

2. Change a lightbulb.

3. Stop Appliances from standing by.

4. Say no to plastic bags.

5. Shop locally.

6. Bring your own mug.

7. Go public. (bus or public transportation)

8. Bike or Walk

9. Say yes to short showers.

10. Plant something.

This is a great list and this book offers 77 great skills to learn but one of my favorites and funniest is from the “If All Else Fails”  chapter: Evolve…grow giant ears, adaptive migration, green pigment, scaly skin, fur-covered feet and shrewlike mouth.  It is a good thing that my favorite color is GREEN!


Today is also the last day to enter the Mermaid & Turtle Bee Kissable Lip Balm contest.  Leave a comment here or join their facebook to be entered twice.  Good Luck to you all!



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