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Amazing Poem by Heide Cottam July 21, 2011

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I love this wonderful poem……

The following poem is written by Heide Cottam

Come, walk with me

Let me tell you the story

Of my mountains and my seas

Let me slip my vines into your hands,

My breath into  your lungs

Come, walk with me

In and out of shadows

Under canopies and under sun

Drag your feet through my soft soil

And embrace the touch of my dew

Come, walk with me

Listen to my birdsong

And the pounding my ocean heart

Listen to the whisper of my white desert

And the howl of my rocky cliffs

Come, walk with me

Paint yourself with wild sage

Tangle yourself in my roots

Then bathe yourself in my waterfalls

And dance frenzied dances with my ancient oaks

Come, walk with me

Feel how I hurt

How your oil slides over me

Choking the force of my goodness

Hiding the glory of my green

Come, walk with me

Hear how I cry out

From the violence  you have borne

From the blood you pour into my lands

From the way you tear open my flesh

Come, walk with me

Taste my desperation

As your smoke swallows me

Billowing through my skies

And seeping into my caves

Come, walk with me

Sing to me your songs of pain

While I tend to my injuries

Lay your burdens on me

And I will lay my flowers at your feet

Come, walk with me

You still need me

And I still want you

Protect my waters

And I shall nourish your body

Come, walk with me

Replenish my gardens

Stitch back together my wounds

Save me from your future

I still need you

Come, walk with me


One Response to “Amazing Poem by Heide Cottam”

  1. Roger Says:

    Beautiful poem.

    The earth sings.

    I appreciate the privilege of exchanging emails with this wonderful poet Heide Cottam.

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