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Thoughts from my vacation…….. November 11, 2011

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While on my vacation I had so many things running in my head.  We went on a cruise which was wonderful and so enjoyable.  All the ports were so amazing and wonderful to see new places and meet new people.


There was only thing that really got me thinking about things.  Every port has the same items in every shop by every vendor.  I kept thinking where are the real artisans, the real people who use to make items and crafts for these countries.  Not just the knock offs that I can buy in a jewelry catalog for far less than they are selling the items for.  It made me sad thinking that people creating items for these countries had been displaced from the ports and maybe more places by cheap products not even made in that country.  I fear that we are giving up real art and paying people real prices for their hard work.  I think people have gotten so use to dollar stores and cheap knock offs that they have forgotten how long it really takes someone to carve wood, weave a blanket, make jewelry etc..   I hope that some of them found their way to places like Etsy or Ethical Community and that they can get paid for their amazing creations and art.  I also hope that they can be found in the more local parts of the country, like I know were to get the best local stuff were I live.   I hope that the amazing arts and crafts that I am sure use to be found in these countries is not lost.


2 Responses to “Thoughts from my vacation……..”

  1. Janet Says:

    interesting thoughts, Steph. Probably everything is made in China. My co-worker pulled a tag of of something @ Michael’s, the other day that said “Hecho en China”. I said, maybe they meant to send that to Miguel’s. SAD.

  2. Cynthia Hatting Says:

    Interesting observation, Stephanie; people will sell what they know tourists will buy, I agree, it is rather sad. Wonder if the state of this economy has driven many to look for the lowest price at the cost of sacrificing quality, authenticity and the encouragement of local artistic efforts.

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