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Pictures of the Shirt Pants from an Earlier Post. December 25, 2011

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Ok Mom, fine we will stop playing with our new toys just so you can take a picture of us in our new pants……that is just what we want to do on Christmas…ha ha ha….NOT!  No, really they were good kids and let me take some pictures really quick of them in their new shirt pants.


I tried to make some reversible ones with the patterns I had posted earlier (got the idea from my friend Sarah who makes amazing reversible pants that you can find locally at an amazing store called Green the World in Ogden).  Lets just say she makes it look easier then it was for me.  She is one talented Mama!  She gave me the idea of using Men’s old dress shirts and recycling them into pants.  They are so cute because you can mix and match fun patterns together.



Note to myself for future pant making:  just make them  like the tutorial I put on here earlier and then add a bottom section they can flip over to give them the double sided look.  I mean really lets make life easier for myself….lol!


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