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Organizing and Keeping it Green Baby! January 10, 2012

Reorganizing things in my house is always fun…not!   I have the best husband in the entire world (sorry ladies and gents but it is true).  One of the many amazing things about him is that despite my best efforts my business can leave a trail of messes through out the house.  He never says a word about it and I know it drives him nuts.  I am always trying to find ways to make it better for his and the rest of my families sanity.

I have found some cool ways of organzing the messes in the past but yesterday  I just found a super cool Plastic Tote.  The tote is called Planet Friendly Plastic.  It is made with 99% Recycled Plastic.  How cool is that??   You can find them at www.PlanetFriendlyPlastic.com.  They are also made in the USA for those that live here then there is no overseas traveling and pollution causing shipping from super far away.  I found them locally at Big Lots for only $5.00 each!  What a great deal, I was so excited!

Another idea that has worked great was in the summer when our local Costco had strawberries, I got some of the boxes they were getting rid of.  I use those in my Office/Art room to organize.  They are great for stacking and restacking and you can peek in them without having to open them up and take everything out.

I will see how this all works out and see if I can earn the best wife award by keeping the house cleaner and more of my items in my Office/Art room (I think that is where they really belong, right??).


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