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Excited that We are Featured in the Huffington Post February 6, 2012

We are so excited right now.  We wanted to share our little  happy dance with you all.  Yes, you guessed it the Moon Walk, Worm, Funky Chicken and even the Disco shoes got broken out!

We were featured in the Huffington Post Slide Show for Parents Valentine’s Gifts Ideas.  Here is the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/05/valentines-day-gifts-parents-kids_n_1244829.html?ref=parents#s652402&title=Gettin_HeARTsy

Our Recycled Heart Crayons got featured:

Now everyone time for the Electric Slide or the Wave!


2 Responses to “Excited that We are Featured in the Huffington Post”

  1. Bee Busby Says:

    Yay! That’s awesome.

  2. Janet Says:

    That is so freaking awesome! You can’t BUY advertising like THAT!! Congratulations, you deserve the attention and credit. WOW!

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