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Ways to make Recycled Boys and Girls Sweaters March 1, 2012

One of my most favorite things that I make and sell are my Recycled Sweaters (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ourchildrensearth).  People are always asking me were I get my ideas from to make them. I love looking at things and piecing them together, figuring out how to make a jacket, sweater, skirt or shirt work is what I consider fun.    Here are some of  the new items I have come up with lately.

The Recycled Sweater Tuxedo


The  Fairy Princess Recycled Sweater Dress

 Fun Recycled Sweater Skirt!













Here is one way to make a fun sweater.   I found an old sweatshirt that was all stained.  My kids are so good at getting their clothes stained….how about any of your kids?  I cut the Batman image off the sweatshirt so it could be reused instead of being put in the landfill.  You can reuse any of your kids clothes that have been stained from princess, animals, superheros etc….


After the sweatshirt is cut find a fun sweater that matches some of colors to sew it on to it.  You can sew it in the middle like below or on the sides like the hearts above.   I love to give sweaters different arms then the original body of the sweater (see below).  If you decide to add the additional arms it is important to find two sweaters that are the same size so the arm holes are the same on each of them.  I use my serger to create the fun and sassy look on the outside of it but  you could use a regular sewing machine also.

Here is the ending results for your Recycled Sweater project.  I love how the blue and yellow sleeves work with the blue and yellow on Batman.

Have fun making some cute kids clothes while recycling and reusing!

p.s.  Our lawsuit avoiding lingo:  we in no way are affiliated with or represent Batman or any superheros for that matter.  Well,  I do represent my kids and they do have some pretty awesome super powers if you ask me but really that is it,no other superheros.


One Response to “Ways to make Recycled Boys and Girls Sweaters”

  1. Bee Busby Says:

    Great posts. Loved the photos. 🙂

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