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What is the Share the Love Team All About Anyways? April 11, 2012

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Another great team to interview!  This is the Share The Love Team  on Etsy.  Their team moto is:”  A group of great people who love to help one another out!”.  They also say this about who can join the team:   “ANYONE!!!  So long as he or she has a good, positive attitude, like to help others out as well, and will stay active in the Team BNS/BNRs”.   Kelli Sako from  Waterflowingwest and  Malachitemoon Supply is the captain of the team.  Cyn  from kcdestash, ravenphoenixstudio and  everywitchway does the team Power Hour.   Shauna from  MeLadyJewelry and Wing’s Wardrobe and Treasure Kelly from Treasure2Remember and my self help run the team BNS.  Leanna from Funkychunkies is our team promoter.  This is a fun team to be on and helps everyone to get sales!  So lets get started learning more about some of the wonderful things they do:

OurChildrensEarth:  Kelli, you have been on Etsy since 2010.  What made you decide to start this team?

Kelli Sako (Captain)  waterflowingwest and  malachitemoonsupply:  I started the team because I was meeting all of these great people and I wanted to give us a space of our own to get together, chat, and play.

36x31mm Honey and Dark Aqua Porcelain Puffed Heart (1) No. 212

Photo by MalachiteMoonSupply

OurChildrensEarth:   Cyn you do a very cool feature on this team called Power Hour.  Can you tell us about that?

Cyn (Leader) kcdestash, ravenphoenixstudio and  everywitchway:  A friend of mine who is Captain of another team does them on her team and I just love the whole idea of letting team members build a treasury to honor one person’s shops, to highlight them, and to give them their hour in the spotlight. I love browsing shops and chatting and in a BNR or BNS that is hard to do. In a regular treasury there really is not chatting at all. It’s a fun way to spend an hour and to see what other team members think of as THEIR favorites in that person’s shop!

Sassy Woman III Retro Scrabble Tile Neclace

Photo by RavenPhoenixStudio

OurChildrensEarth:  Shauna, you help the team with their monthly BNS.  Can you tell us what a BNS is and about some of the details of the team BNS?  Can I just as a totally biased side note that you are an awesome assistant on this!

Shauna (Leader)  MeLadyJewelry:   BNS is called Buy and Sale, It starts off as a Treasury with selected shops that anyone can buy from in which they will be a featured shop in the next round or BNS. Will fill up to 16 spots and start again. It is a great way to advertise a shop, bringing buyers in to the shop. With Etsy the more a person can put their shop out there into the Etsy world the more buyers they will get. The Share The Love Team BNS, is a montly BNS and one of the greatest features for any buyer is the ability to buy in right away. If someone buys from the curator or the assistant they can get a spot immediately as well as in the next BNS. Also the raffle is a nice little extra, any buyer can enter a raffle winning an item from the shop that donated that month.

OurChildrensEarth:  Kelly, you are amazing at promoting and getting people involved and together in a team.  What do you think is the best way to do this?

Treasure Kelly (Leader)  Treasure2Remember:  Believe in people. If you can’t believe in them, you can have a tough time. We are all here, together, some of us homemakers, some of us retired, some of us (like me) here to find a common ground where we can relate and HAVE FUN! Who doesn’t like to shop? 😛 Who doesn’t like to come to a place and be accepted. This is a place where we belly up to the bar of life and enjoy our cupful of all the experience life can give. This may be gone tomorrow but the memories we make today will be with us forever.

OurChildrensEarth:  Leanna, you have a great role on this team in helping it with the Come Together Team.  Can you tell us about what the Come Together Team is?

Leanna (Leader)  Funkychunkies:  The Come Together BNR team is a place that smaller teams join together for BNR events to increase traffic and sales for their team members. The purpose of this team is to increase traffic in BNRs when the membership of one team will not support that venue for promotion by itself.

You Say You Want a Revolution Plus Size Bracelet (Made To Order)

Photo by FunkyChunkies

OurChildrensEarth:  Kelli you run the team BNR.  Can you tell us what a BNR is and some of the great things about our team BNR?

Kelli Sako (Captain)  waterflowingwest and  malachitemoonsupply:  BNR stands for Buy and Replace. I build a treasury of 16 items from shops that have bought into the BNR and team members. You can buy anything from any of the featured shops–so long as it meets minimum purchase requirements–and then your shop replaces that shop on the board. The thing that makes our team BNR a bit different is that you will remain on the board or on my future feature list until you make a sale. So each and every buy in guarantees you a sale at some point.

OurChildrensEarth:  Kelly, you have a unique situation where you were a great buyer on Etsy first and then became a seller.   Can you tell us about that and why you decided to become a seller on Etsy?

Treasure Kelly (Leader)  Treasure2Remember:  Treasure Kelly (Leader)  Treasure2Remember: I was giving all my spots away to other Sellers when I bought into the BNS as a buyer, so I had to get my own shop! LOL Besides all that, I have always loved to buy and sell and I never felt like I was able to fully understand what most of the chat was about re; selling until I created a shop. I was inspired by the other sellers thus the birth of my shop. It was so much fun creating Treasure2Remember, it was inevitable.:)xo

OurChildrensEarth:  Cyn, you are always helping everyone.  You and your family have some great shops on Etsy.  What made you all decide to sell on Etsy and how do you think that Etsy helps small businesses?

Cyn (Leader) kcdestash, ravenphoenixstudio and  everywitchway:  Heather, Kevin’s daughter, has been selling on etsy for years. My business partner and late husband and I decided it was a good creative outlet for Kat and I. We started as quilting buddies and that just expanded . . . or rather blew up! Each of us never met a craft we didn’t like! We do all things as partners and that is part of our creative process. But honestly, we were just buyers before Heather convinced us to sell!

OurChildrensEarth:   Shuana,  you are on a lot of teams. What do you like best about this team?

Shauna (Leader)  MeLadyJewelry:  Well, I like that it is smaller, many teams that I am on i feel like just one of the many. They are totally oblivious to my existance. Share the love team is more of a tight group and appreciative of all their members. I love the power hour as I call it, picking one member and creating a treasury around that person and their shop. Such a wonderful idea 🙂 Also I feel like part of something and I love helping out, and the Share thelove team welcomed me with open arms in that respect letting me help with their monthly BNS. I love it

Soladite and Silver Bike Earrings

Photo by MeLadyJewelry

OurChildrensEarth:  Leanna, you are always helping everyone with fun jokes and stories.    What is one of your favorite memories on Etsy?

Leanna (Leader)  FunkychunkiesWell Steph your involved in a number of those memories but I’m not sure this would be a proper venue for those stories. I guess the best memories though come from all of my co-leaders. I’m always surprised at how even online you can connect with the same people you would if you met them on the street!

OurChildrensEarth:  Kelli I just love all the jewelry that I have gotten from your shop.  You have just opened another supply shop also.  What is your favorite item from each of your shops and what is your favorite item from one of Cyn’s shops?

Kelli Sako (Captain)  waterflowingwest and  malachitemoonsupply:

from Water: http://www.etsy.com/listing/89332125/layered-wrap-bracelet-memory-wire-coil

from Malachite: http://www.etsy.com/listing/95539769/40mm-purple-and-white-fiesta-teardrop

from EveryWitchWay: http://www.etsy.com/listing/86321400/print-of-original-oil-painting

Print of Original Oil Painting Stonehenge by Kat ACEO

Photo by EveryWitchWay

OurChildrensEarth:  Cyn  I love the Om Quilt ACEO’s that I got from and for my brother.  You have amazing and unique items in each of your shops.  What is your favorite item from all of your shops and what is your favorite item from one of Shauna’s shop?

Cyn (Leader) kcdestash, ravenphoenixstudio and  everywitchway:  That’s totally mean to give me Shauna’s shops to find a favorite in. I already OWN my favs from her shops!!!!! Love her stuff. Okay, okay, I’ll play nice. . . . only one?

how about this one


Lampworked Emerald Green Heart and Brass Key on Brass Chain

Photo by MeladyJewelry

Or maybe this one!


I have one very similar to this one


and I just adore this!


See, that’s the cool thing about Shauan’s store, nothing is the same and she has such a wide range of styles, you can ALWAYS find the perfect thing, whether it’s for yourself or a gift!

Okay, from Every Witch Way my favorite is this:


Because this is what started our whole etsy experience. We conceived this patterns about two years before we finished them and Kat and I designed them together, each making a set of the wall hangings.

from Raven Phoenix Studio:


Again, this is something Kat and I created together so . . . . and it’s fun! Who doesn’t think a felted witch hat is great for Halloween? right?

From KCDestash my favorite is


as it is a DIY Tag kit

OurChildrensEarth:   Shauna I have been drooling over your jewelry in your shop for months now.  I am in love with a few of your earrings and necklaces.  You are one talented lady!  What is your favorite item from  one of your shops and from Kelly’s shop?

Shauna (Leader)  MeLadyJewelry: I don’t have a favorite item in my shop, I love all my babies. So it is really hard to pick one inividual item. I love all my wire wrap bracelets, they are so easy to wear. It’s just hard, because I just have so much fun making each item.

Now right now I can’t say what my favorite item is in Kelly’s shop, since she doesn’t have anything available. But I always buy her beads, the last set I bought from her are some 5mm white heishi shell beads, and I love them 🙂

OurChildrensEarth:   Kelly I got of the cutest beads from you.  You are so sweet in how your wrap all of your items with such care.  What is your favorite item from your shop and what is your favorite item from Leanna’s shop?

Treasure Kelly (Leader)  Treasure2Remember:   My favorite item in my shop is my Worm-Carved Pinion Tea Light Holders  http://treasure2remember.storenvy.com/products/307356-pinion-tea-light-holder They are so fun to make because every  one is different and the designs the worms create are so beautiful! I love them!;)

Awww, that is very kind of you to say that about the wrapping.

A quick reference here, when I first began as a buyer on Etsy I remembered how I felt at the moment I received my packages, opening them and seeing the little personal touches some of the sellers would give. And when I became a seller I didn’t want to forget the way I felt as a buyer and that is why I try so very hard to make sure my customers are taken care of from the listing to the feedback and all of the nuances in between. Communication is vital to me. I value that highly and respect those who value that as well. So, even a little extra time in packaging means so much, to me and hopefully those who buy from me will come to see that as how much joy I take in the items they receive from me. Now, the caveat is after a huge BNR, I am trying like mad to get everything out in time and I know my buyers appreciate a timely delivery rather than me remembering to tie the bow correctly. But, even in that I want my customer to know how much they mean to me and how I am willing to go the distance for them. It’s only right, integrity is paramount. Being a seller on Etsy makes me feel good about  myself and If ever I can’t give back what I am given then perhaps it is time to move on because I want to be able to Share The Love!  But for now, I have my Summer gig and can’t wait to return!

Hummmmm, my Favorite from Leanna’s Shop? 😛 I can’t say I have a favorite. I mean, have you seen all her Chunkies? They are all made with such wonderful quality and care! Leanna, I will say though, your rings are adorable!

Thank you Steph, Thank you Our Precious Team Members, and lastly, Thank-You to the ones who help make this such a wonderful experience. It’s those persons that make this a place worth returning to! 🙂 Happy Summer, Happy Sales and Happy Lives!!!

Thank You Our Childrens’ Earth News!!! You are Awesome! Xoxo   See You all In The Fall!

Blackbird Chunky Bracelet (Made to Order)

Photo by FunkyChunkies

OurChildrensEarth:   Leanna you know that I am in love with your Funky Chunkies!  I have two and just got one for my daughter’s birthday.  She loved the Batman!!  What is your favorite item from your shop and what is your favorite item from one of Kelli’s shop?

Leanna (Leader)  Funkychunkies:  It’s my Lonely Blackbird chunkie. My Favorite and a big seller: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66148272/blackbird-chunky-bracelet-made-to-order

From Kelli’s shop it has to be the variety of beads. I’ve become somewhat addicted to beads!

Wrap Bracelet--Turquoise and Wood

Photo by WaterFlowingWest

OurChildrensEarth:   Kelli, since I run the BNS for this team, what is your favorite item from my shop?

Kelli Sako (Captain)  waterflowingwest and  malachitemoonsupply: 

from OurChildrensEarth: http://www.etsy.com/listing/89592961/steam-punk-ring-that-is-fun-and-sassy-to


Steam Punk Ring that is Fun and Sassy to Wear that is a One Of A Kind (OOAK)

Photo by OurChildrensEarth

This team is so great to work with and support each other as you can see from our interview.  If you would like to find them you can look on Etsy at: http://www.etsy.com/teams/10412/share-the-love-team .  Here is to many more good years to come with wonderful ladies!



Here are some more amazing links to find these shops individually:

Cyn (Leader) kcdestash, ravenphoenixstudio and  everywitchway:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/everywitchway






Kelli Sako (Captain)  waterflowingwest and  malachitemoonsupply:

Etsy:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/waterflowingwest

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/malachitemoonsupply

Blog: malachitemoon.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Water-Flowing-West/328419232933

Shauna (Leader)  MeLadyJewelry:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MeLadyJewelry

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WingsWardrobe

Leanna (Leader)  Funkychunkies:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Funkychunkies


You can find my shops right next to the blog

Treasure Kelly (Leader)  Treasure2Remember:

Her shop is on vacation right now but can be found in the Fall





So you are totally loving these shops right?  Come and find them and use a coupon too!

Cyn (Leader) kcdestash, ravenphoenixstudio and  everywitchway:   coupon is always ILOVEKEVIN for 15% off

Kelli Sako (Captain)  waterflowingwest and  malachitemoonsupply:  Coupon: SAVE15 for 15% off @ Water

OurChildrensEarth:   coupon is EARTHDAY for 10% off your entire order

Shauna (Leader)  MeLadyJewelry:  Lady10 for 10% off both my shops


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  1. This is so awesome! Thanks Stephanie for putting this together 🙂

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    This is amazing Stephanie!!! Thanks so much for doing this!! ❤

  3. EXCELLENT! BRAVA! WONDERFUL! Thank-You Stephanie~! Lovely Team Interview! xo – Kelly:)

  4. Cyndee Duby Says:

    Amazing, you are so wonderfully gifted at this, Steph! Thanks tons and tons! What a fun thing for us all to do!!! um, now that it’s over, can we do it again? roflmao!

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