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Upcycled Toys turns Mason Jars into Awesome Jars! March 24, 2013

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Making your shelves look  cool with this super easy Mason jar project:

Things you will need:

1.  Enough Mason jars (or old glass jars from jam, spaghetti sauce etc..) for all of your nuts, grains, flours, snacks or whatever items you want to put into them.

2. Get old  toys that will fit on the lids of the jars you are using.  I found the kids old animals but you could use anything:  old superheros, blocks, legos, letters…the possibilities are limitless.

3. Paint  so you can make all of your animals match.  You could leave them the way they are also….your house, your style, your decision on what works best.  Oh and you might want to wash them before you paint them.

4. Glue to attach the animals to your jars.   I used my glue gun on this and would recommend using another glue since they can be knocked off on occasion.

5.  Set your jars out and see the smiles on peoples faces when they look at them!

Here we go:

Do your children have a room full of toys?   Why not upcycle some of them into super cool things and help them clean their room faster at the same time.     Here are some of the toys that my amazing sons donated to this cause:


I have been using Mason jars to store my grains, nuts, flours etc in for the last few years.  So I did not have to collect any I just used the ones I already had.


Then I took the animals outside (in the snow..lol) and painted them all silver.


I liked how they looked before but after I added the animals to them I was like WOW…these are awesome now!


I like how the variety of sizes makes them all unique looking.  I also love the silver and how it works together with the lids.


Here are some of  my jars put away on a shelf in the cupboard and here are some on the shelf looking awesome!

I cannot remember where I saw this idea originally but have searched my magazines and pintrest….no luck.  If I do ever find where  it came from I will come and post thie info here.  I just remember seeing a picture of these and LOVED them!  Have fun using your imagination with this easy project!


8 Responses to “Upcycled Toys turns Mason Jars into Awesome Jars!”

  1. These are so cute. My local Goodwill has these bags of miscellaneous toys at the register for two bucks, they call them bags o’ fun. I call ’em perfect for this project!

  2. So cute! I love these! I’ve been saving up old spaghetti sauce jars, salsa jars, etc. in different sizes to do a similar project. Now I’m re-inspired!

  3. Amy Says:

    Super cute! Love them! Very whimsical!

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