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Recycled Bottlecap Earrings Tutorial May 22, 2014


Mod Podge Sparkle

Paint Brush

Crop A Dile (Big Bite)

Jewelry pliers

Hook for earrings

Used Bottle Caps, at least two that are flat and match


    1. Take the Crop A Dile (or other sturdy hole puncher that will work on metal) and punch a hole in the top of the bottle cap.  This will create the hole for the earring hook to go in.  For all eye Dr.’s to love me please wear safety goggles so you don’t hurt your eye with a stray metal circle flying through the air.


    1. Take all the hole punch bottle cap scrapes. These can be made new from bottle caps or save them up, like I do, from other earrings, buttons, necklaces etc.. that you have made from bottle caps.  Put the scrapes inside the bottle cap and carefully paint Mod Podge on them to seal them in. You can also add other objects like magazine pictures, recycled fabric scrapes etc and modge podge them into the bottle cap.


  1. Add the earring hooks to the top and you are done.  So that you don’t have white sparkly goo running down your face, wait to add the hook until they have dried completely.



Enjoy your beautifully Sparkly and Sassy Bottle Cap Earrings.


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