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Halloween Tombstones the Recycled Way. October 22, 2014

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For Halloween this year we wanted to make some tombstones for the front yard…..so I put the hubby on the job.  He is a brilliant man and he came up with the best idea for it.  Here is a picture of his final product:


This is how he did it:
He works in the construction field so he found this in the dumpster…….nothing warms my heart more then a man willing to dumpster dive for a project!


Then he decided how big he wanted them to stand and cut them out.  Warning here…..use goggles to protect your eyes and only use a saw as directed…..we don’t need to add any real blood, body parts etc to the tombstones.



Then you can paint them the color of your choice. I think black or gray would look good.  We chose black.  You will need to paint both sides and the edges.


Then you will need stencils, or you can free hand it, to create your letters.  I love the white letters and how they show up on the black.



Then find some old metal hangers to use fire the legs.


You will need to bend them so they can support the tombstones.



And there you go:



Have a happy Halloween and enjoy your tombstones!


2 Responses to “Halloween Tombstones the Recycled Way.”

  1. Janet Says:

    Absolutely BRILLIANT! ❤ Love the names, too!

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