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Ogden Area Influencers Summit March 26, 2015

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I decided to go to the Ogden Area Influencers Summit last Friday.  I have not been to an event like this before.  It was a chance for businesses to connect with bloggers and Instagramers.  I went as a business and had a wonderful time.  I enjoyed the talks by local business and community leaders:


Mayor Mike Caldwell at the Ogden Area Influencers Summit.


Mark Johnson from Ogden City.


Angelica Sweet from the Historic 25th Street Association and Kim, from The Family Practice and kbENT, who wonderfully organized the entire event.


Shane Osguthorpe from Visit Ogden

Here is as small sample of some of the wonderful peeps I got to meet: A big hug of thanks to Kim Bowsher from kdENT Media and the Family Practice Blog for organizing such a wonderful day.


Amazing people at the Ogden Area Influencers Summit. Great hanging out with All About Socks & More, Whitespace Contemporary and more.


More awesome peeps at the Ogden Area Influencers Summit from Eco Flower,, Indie Ogden, Whitespace Contemporary and Davis County Moms.


Hey, it is me hanging out at the Ogden Area Influencers Summit with Eco Flower, Whitespace Contemporary, All About Socks & More and Indie Ogden. You can also catch Lucky Slice Pizza and Color Me Mine Ogden in the background. So many more wonderful people that I didn’t get a picture of.


Incredible bloggers and businesses in Ogden. What a great day! I am pretty proud of myself. I created my first media kit (see the blue recycled jean folders). I have never seen one before so I goggled it late and night and created it.


Recycling in Ogden June 29, 2014

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I love living in Ogden.  One of the great things about it is the cool recycling program they have.


You can take your green waste to this site and get awesome things for your yard while their like pebbles, compost and more. Not only can you get these great things but they are dirt cheap!

They have also started a place to recycle your glass right next to it.


If you don’t happen to be in this part of they have them in a few spots in town.

Then to top off the awesome recycling they also have weekly recycling that they pick up when they pick up your trash!


Clean Air for Utah….Greatest Smog On Earth January 29, 2014

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I love my state.  Utah is an amazing place to raise my kiddos and it is just so beautiful……..until we hit winter inversion days.  This last year alone we had 23 red days.   The last big inversion we were ranked the worse state in all of the good ole USA.  Some of our cities even out ranked Vegas and San Francisco.   Now that is not a good place for anyone to live or breath in.  This last weekend my family and I attended the Clean Air Rally at the State Capitol.  It was the biggest one ever in Utah. They say 5000 people showed up.  Here are some of the pictures from the event.









The air effects us all. I would love any extra support to tell our Governor to clean up our air.  You can contact him at 1-801-578-1000.


Season of Gratitude December 23, 2013

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Wow, it has been way to long since I got a chance to write on this blog….I got very sick and was so nice to share it with everyone.  I am just that kind of nice Mom.  Once you grow up watching Sesame Street and learn that sharing is good, you can’t go back!  In the thought of sharing, I wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for another amazing year.  Thank you for the continued support.  Thank you for caring about the Earth.  Thank you for being your wonderful self and that can only make the world a better place.  Thank you from the bottom and the top, and really just all of it, my heart.  You are so amazing to help us continue to grow.  We now have over 700 followers on facebook, new people liking us all the time on twitter, instagram and pintrest.  Continued support on Etsy and our website.  I really can’t say thank you enough.  Here are some of the hightlights of the year:

Lets start with some of the fun boutiques or festivals we have been to and just a few pictures of each:

Earth Day at the Ogden Nature Center:

Always a fun place to go. My family and I love to come here.  It is always amazing to me that you can find this paradise in the middle of the city.  What a fun event every year.  This year we had a bunch of rain to start off the day so I don’t really have a ton of pictures but it was an amazing day!

some of the items we had here for the first time:

and some of our stunning recycled/ upcycled clothes:

Earth Jam:

Earth Jam is always a fun event to go to.  The music is great and the people are nonstop amazing to watch, talk and dance with.  Of course, we always love to have our booth next An Array of Artistry.  Not only is she super talented and sweet but she watches my booth so I can go pee!

An after shot of one of our jackets that sold:

Thank you so much Janet from An Array of Artistry for creating this amazing picture!

One of her booth:

The Local‘s Winter Boutique:

We are always so thankful for all the amazing friends, family, neighbors and more that come out to support all the amazing local crafters and artist.

The Holidays Winter Bash at the Ogden Nature Center:

We always love to come to the magical place.  This deer came right by the window I was setting by.  So amazing.  The people that come to support the Ogden Nature Center are always so fun to talk to and meet.  Thank  you for supporting this wonderful place and us.


Featured in a Magazine:

This year we got featured in a VEIN Magazine, http://www.veinmag.com/ What an awesome experience to see ourselves in a magazine.  It really was inspiring to see our clothes in the same magazine as the band Of Monsters and Men.  We were feeling pretty darn cool for this one.

Here is a behind the scenes video for you to check out:


Supplied Jewelry for a Fashion Show:

Thank you Shawnee Sawyer for thinking of us to help with the Steam punk jewelry.

We are so greatful for the local support of business that carry our items also:

Green The World:

They can be found on historic 25th Street in Ogden.  Their entire shop is Eco Friendly.  They carry our sweater  mittens and slippers, recycled crayons, jewelry, reusable lunch bags, jean purses, sweater hats, childrens capes and more.  This is the best place to find gifts!

Ume Boutique:

This another amazing shop on historic 25th street in Ogden.  They carry our line of Upcycled/Recycled Sweater and T-shirt Clothes.   This shop has amazing clothes in it and should be on your must visit shop if you are heading over to Ogden.

The Nest Gift Shop:

This is a fun earthy little shop at the Ogden Nature Center.  They carry our recycled crayons.

Oh and you are the first to hear this but we have also been asked to supply items to the brand new Only In Ogden Store:

We are so excited to be part of this amazing new store.  They will be carrying our recycled Sweater mittens and slippers, magnets, hats and scarves.

We are also so happy to have been featured in several blogs or websites this year:

To The Sea:

to the sea


Lark Crafts:


Neighborhood Acupuncture and Healing Arts:

Neighborhood Acupuncture and Healing Arts


Love 2 Upcycle:

Love 2 Upcycle


Eco Chick:

Summer Style Report~ Eco Chic!

Runner up in an Upcyclers Challenge:

Sustainable March:

Supporting Artists:


Some of the wonderful causes we have been able to donate to this year:

DaVinci School

Burn Camp

New Image Day Spa, fundraiser for a wonderful staff member who got cancer.

Woodlands Bash

Indie Ogden Awards

Unitarian Universalist Church Fundraiser

Earth Day Walk and Trash Pick Up Event

DC Cop Classic Fundraiser

Sol Song Concerts

Thanks to all the Recyclers I love:

I have so many amazing friends, family and community that recycle the most ordinary to the craziest items I have ever seen with us.  I LOVE THEM ALL!   I love you all and I hope that I don’t forget anyone:

Lance Howerteon, Haley and Emery Young, Mason and Phoenix Howerton, Helen Scoggins, Stephen and  Heather Wisely, Brigitte Wisely, German Relatives (can’t wait to use the bottle caps), Monique and Eric Lundstedt,  Ingrid Sanchez, Janet and Leonard Gioffre-Harrington, Xeneda Card, Selma and Heinz Jockisch, Pattie Cook, Victoria Betz, Lisa Herland, Julie Pilcher, Christina Charbonneau, Cheyenne Herland, Gina and Chad McInelly, Shelly Felts, Susan Snyder, Bernadene Whitten, John Hinds, Peggy Bon,  Sue and Dave Wilcox, Ogden Nature Center and all the amazing people and places who just leave the coolest stuff at my house that I have no way to say thank you to.  A special thanks to Joe Charbonneau for the continued support with our website.  I love you all and hope I did not forget anyone.  You warm my heart with your kindness.

Again, thank you for the continued support and love that you give to us.  Happy Holidays, thank you again for helping make our year amazing and we hope you have a wonderful New Year ahead!



What a busy month we have had! May 17, 2012

We have been so busy that we are finally catching up on the blog.

One of my favorite places to take my family is to the Ogden Nature Center.  It is a beautiful wilderness preserve right in the middle of Ogden, Utah.  We have loved the kids classes they teach, summer concerts,  festivals, birds that live there and amazing other wild life like deers, frogs and beavers…AWESOME.  You can find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ogdennaturecenter or  their website: http://www.ogdennaturecenter.org/   Their website has this to say “Located in the heart of Ogden, you’ll find a 152-acre nature preserve and education center open to the public year-round. Visitors enjoy 1.5 miles of walking trails, picnic areas, tree houses, bird blinds and an exhibit of live birds of prey.  Two of Utah’s greenest buildings are on site to teach about sustainable structures. A unique gift shop is located in the Visitor Center. The Ogden Nature Center offers a wide variety of classes & workshops for all ages including art, photography, birding, wildlife in Utah, outdoor recreation, conservation, sustainability, summer camps and more.”   This year we did a show here on Earth Day.  Here are some of the fun pictures from this year:

Setting up is always fun!

Barb with her new Recycled t-shirt from Our Children’s Earth.

Earth in Art Potter has some of the most outstanding pottery.  She does the coolest natural designs with leaves and animals.  She is on Etsy (site below) and on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Earth-in-Art-Pottery

Beth from one of my all time favorite stores in Ogden!  I love Green The World’s Shop.  She has the coolest Eco Friendly items that you can find in Northern Utah.  If you want something Eco Friendly, chances are she has it.    Find her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-The-World or her actual amazing and super cute store is at 143 Historic 25th Street.

Next we went to Earth Jam in Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.  We always have so much fun going to this.  The music is amazing and I always meet the nicest people there.  You can find them on facebook to learn more about this great festival: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000232392689  or thier website at :http://earth-jam.org/  Their website has this to say about the festival “Earth Jam Productions is a non-profit organization that comes together every April in celebration of Earth Day. Our annual Festival is held in Liberty Park located in Salt Lake City, UT. We offer a variety of different activities that all help educate on bettering the environment and bringing people and community’s together.
The music of Earth Jam is the heart of the organization. We have 2 stages The Earth Stage, The Fire Stage, that we fill with local talent, performing arts, and speakers.  
We have a Goddess Pageant that is held in March, this is a way to find beauty and self expression in our community. Our Earth Goddess plays a strong roll in bringing Earth Jam into the communities.  The Children’s Garden Center helps teach our children lasting memories on Global consciousness and building a safer future for generations to come. We do this through the art of creation by recycling, gardening, solar and wind power and the basic respect of loving our Earth and being aware of our environment.”    One of my other favorite things about this festival is that I got to be next to An Array of Artistry.  She has amazing items with her Resurrected Denim, Henna and Cloth Diapers.   You can find her at: https://www.facebook.com/HennaOgden  Here are some of our fun pictures from this festival:

Our booth all set up and ready to go….

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people stop and chat and look and laugh at all of my great bumperstickers…so much fun!

That is Victoria our amazing photographer for our last set of pictures!  We just adore her!

I love it when everyone comes to visit me!

The amazing Candy Cabinet Cabaret that can be found on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CandyCabinetCabaret

The last show we went to was our Local’s Boutique we called May’s Blooming Deals.  What a wonderful time with friends and other local business owners.   This show is so fun to go to and see all the amazing items people are making and to support our fellow local artists in our community.  These are some of the fun pictures from this:

Such beautiful and unique jewelry and signs that everyone just loved: Mikanik Designs http://www.etsy.com/shop/MikanikDesigns

Amazing items from That Final Touch..they have everything you need to add that final touch to your gifts or products.  She is on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThatFinalTouch

Susan makes the best Nature Babble….I just love all of the great sayings she comes up with on them!

The coolest Chainmaille Jewelry I have ever seen: GOT Maille? by Christy ~ Chainmaille Jewelry & Accessories.  She is on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/GOTMaillebyChristy

Emelia got the Sales Person of the Year Award…she was awesome! She is with Pebble & Pond (Petite Pond) and makes the coolest duct tape wallets! You can find her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pebbleandpond

Everyone, I mean everyone LOVES Simply Eden Goat Milk Soap & Lotion.  You can find her on her website at http://www.simply-eden.com/

Bill Hatting with his amazing books that he wrote. I have heard that they are page turners! I can’t wait to download mine!  Look for him on Amazon:


Earth in Art Pottery does the most amazing colors and designs. I just love her pottery!  You can find her Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/earthinart

The amazing Infused Designs. I just love her puzzle jewelry and crocheted scarves and purses.

That is that cool shop called Our Children’s Earth and me……..lol!

Thanks so much to all of our friends and family that came out to visit and support us at all of these events.  You all mean the world to us over her at Our Children’s Earth.  I hope you have found some great new places to shop with this blog post….Father’s Day is right around the corner!  Hugs to you ALL!